Our bakery products will make your mouth water!

Nimbin Bakery has a wide range of fresh bakery products, all baked on the premises. 

Whether it's sandwiches for lunches, fresh bread rolls, a pastry for afternoon tea, or a hand-made cake for someone special, we've got plenty of bakery products to choose from in store now.

We cater for gluten intollerant customers with a range of breads, cakes, biscuits and slices.

Fresh bread

Fresh bread baked at our store every day

Fresh bread is one of the many bakery products we have in our store. Our bread is made by experts who know how to make even a simple loaf of bread delicious — made with care and using the best ingredients.

Sweet treats

Cakes for special occasions

If you have a sweet tooth, then our bakery products in Nimbin will satisfy your hunger instantly. Come and visit us to see what wonderful and scrumptious sweet treats we have for you.

Pies and Pastries

Bakery products

At the Nimbin Bakery we have an excellent range of Pies and Pasteries, come in and taste the many types and flavours we have in store!